bkk communications, LLC.

visual communications for broadcast and business


Today’s advances in technology have made everyone a “cameraman” and sometimes point and shoot is enough to fill your needs.  What separates bkk communications, is our 28 years of experience  in delivering effective, on-strategy high quality video and images without breaking the bank.  We know how to avoid the pitfalls of point-and-shoot to ensure your projects are professionally completed on-time and on-budget. Analyzing your needs and designing creative solutions is what we are all about.



Broadcast and Cable Production – Primetime Programming – News Gathering – Investigative Reporting


Product & Service Promotion
Corporate Imaging
Technical Demonstrations

Video News Releases
Breaking News & Technologies
Financial & Organizational Updates

Customer / Sales
Employee Role Playing
Technical Products / Services

Employee Communications
Executive Communications
Organizational Updates
Safety Awareness
Community Outreach Involvement

Special Event Coverage
National / Regional Sales Meetings
Shareholder Communications



We utilize the latest technology in variable frame rate and multiple-format High Definition cameras. We have the ability to capture both on-board to digital cards and externally to hard drives.Depending on your needs, each production can incorporate the  the artistic use of handheld, Steadicam, dolly or jib camera support systems, direction and operation of the camera, whether film style (single camera) or multiple cameras, in live switched and taped situations.  We have an extensive background in the imaginative use of lighting, including LED, HMI, Kinoflo, tungsten and daylight sources.


Panasonic DVX200 4K, 2K, HD, SD

Sony F3

Variable Frame Rates

Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Package
1080p 24p and 30p

17-35mm IS L Series f/2.8 Lens

24-105mm IS L Series f/2.8 Lens

70-200mm L2 Series f/2.8

Canon TC80NC Timer remote controller


Camera Support

Sachtler tripods

Kessler Slider
100mm bowl Baby legs and high hat  


Post-Production and Graphic Design

We pride ourselves on “Creative Excellence”.  It’s been our mantra since our inception and continues in our editing suites.  Our post-production suites not only contain the latest digital tools, but the creative talent, knowledge and experience to translate your message into compelling visual stories.Through our creative combination of the right tools and the right talent, we are able to compose 2D and 3D graphic elements that will not only catch your audience’s attention, but more importantly effectively stimulate and reinforce your overall message.