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1. The testimony video

The testimony can build up a trust relationship with the audience and reduce their skeptical ways of thinking about products and services.

Videos last in an average of 15 seconds to 1 minute and can be used to combine or support marketing elements while putting emphasis on the central point of the production:

customer satisfaction.


→  What user does not want to see: an actor in a stage forced to read long and technical text to be credible.

⇒  What user want to see: A real satisfied customer! The testimony gives more credit to a successful experience. Therefore, we need to stay focused on the central point of the production: the client.


Answers given in front of the camera put emphasis on the brand image and confidence of the viewer into its products.


2. The tutorial video

Tutorials are used to explain how the product works and enhance the features of the product, all expected to be different from the competitors. Therefore, those videos are mainly used to influence a perspective and target skeptical people who need to understand how the product works before buying.

→  What user does not want to see: a video that looks like a lecture more than anything else. Too much information is not enough… and you may make them fall asleep.

 ⇒  What user want to see : an accurate and useful content, easy to use for the potential buyers. While watching videos, users need to answer to major questions that have made them reluctant to purchase a product. They want a tutorial that puts them in confidence and that teaches them something new.


3. The company profile video

Those videos are the equivalent of “company brochure”. They aim to approach new visitors to give them a better idea of ​​the company. The presentation generally relates the history of the company, the main products, leaders / owners and other high level employees.

→  What user does not want to see : we, we, we, blah, blah, blah

⇒  What the user wants to see : a complete clear and precise video. Today’s consumer is smarter and busier than you think. So they want the content to match the quality of products / services you offer. Having said this, the important thing in this type of videos is to provide useful and attractive layout that respects the general image of the brand.


Practical videos stand out!

As you may realize,  those three video practices are far from being outdated.

The important is to adapt in order to better answer to our users’ expectations and especially to increase the visibility of the video online.

Be creative and stand out. To do so, get inspired by what you are surrounded by and what works today. Therefore, target your goals and audience and let your imagination be.

If you have any questions or comments about practical videos, we would love to discuss with you.

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